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If you are interested in assembly language concepts and don't mind something slightly archaic, I thoroughly enjoyed this book: https://www.amazon.com/Peter-Nortons-Assembly-Language-Book/...

It goes through lessons that build up to a pretty good interactive disk editor (DSKPATCH) written entirely in x86 assembly.

Its the book that got 12 year old me out of the BASIC ghetto.

I came here to recommend Assembly Language for the PC(https://www.amazon.com/Assembly-Language-Brady-programming-l...) which I believe is actually the same book, possibly with some updates. I was probably 14 years old and bought a boxed copy of Borland Turbo Assembler for $100 at the software store at the mall. Totally worth it.

I've never actually written assembly professionally, but the understanding of what's going on at the CPU level has been invaluable. You could probably run FreeDOS(http://www.freedos.org/) in a VM, looks like it comes with a couple different assemblers.

What are you working on today? Are you still using assembly?

Personally I'm interested in Assembly because I want to build NES and Atari games. I think there are some C libraries people have created recently to help with that but those systems were pure 6502 Assembly and I definitely want to learn that.

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