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Wow. Probably fundraising and getting out front of googles new consumer spanner service. I just started experimenting w/ cockroachdb and it sounds/seems great. They def are campaigning hard, landing a Jepsen test and a lot of posts/articles last couple.

I am pulling for them over G on principle. I infer they know people at Stripe where the Rethink team & Aphyr are so hopefully they can learn from them and build an awesome product. G has lost a lot of battles on UX, Docs, attitude and just general product. They have won a lot of battles on sheer size & resources. Be nice to have this stick around.

Just as a headsup, I left Stripe in late 2015 to run Jepsen as an independent consultancy.

Hey man, didn't realize you left Stripe but did sort of notice Jepsen getting more serious. Jepsen has phenomenal reach:

Interesting and hilarious coverage of technical complexity which assumes just enough knowledge to engage a keen novice while seemingly engaging seasoned experts in the field.

Thanks for that. Your entertainment firm is a bit out if my wheelhouse, but it's such a crowded space and you end up getting really tied down. Maybe get acquihired for an Iditarod team, but I reckon this is more scaleable.

Posts are great. Tganks

i wanted to thank you for your work, your blog is singular on the web. chapeau bas.

big fan of your work! Thank you

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