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For anyone wanting to learn algorithms from one of the other heavyweights, not being a C developer, I found this series extremely beneficial:


It also helps that Robert Sedgewick has been in compsci forever (got hit PHC in 1975) and is one of the subject matter experts in algorithms.

Or the newer book with Java code.


Robert Sedgewick also has fantastic algorithms courses on Coursera.

My Data Structures & Algorithms class uses this book - it's fantastic. One nitpick is the "EASYQUESTION" sorting visualizations in the book; they aren't too easy to quickly understand (why use letters instead of numbers demonstrating sorting algorithms or trees?

He's got a pair of Coursera courses that run frequently covering most of the books.

Another vote here. I prefer this book to the CLRS.

Best book on Algorithms I know of. Extremely pedagogical and clear explanations!

I don't like Sedgewick as much as CLRS. Sedgewick seems to assume knowledge in the physical sciences when explaining examples.

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