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Always the option to use <>. Though I'm not sure how common it is.

There is also ≠.

Where do I buy a keyboard that emmits that?

You already have one: ≠

That works in the linux command line, and in this text field on linux:

Of course now you have to find the code. I've always had luck with wikipedia. Also I'm assuming my locale, etc etc works the same for everyone.


Similar methods available for windows and mac, I imagine.

If you're in Linux, and you have a key mapped to Compose, you can hit "Compose = /" or "Compose / =" to get ≠.

On Mac I believe it's just Option-=.

Typing the more unusual characters has always been way easier on Macs. (Literally since Macs were invented.)

> Typing the more unusual characters has always been way easier on Macs.

That used to be the case, but I find the Compose key in X is awesome: as others have noted, Compose / = → ≠ (and → is Compose - >)

That Compose system (which I haven't tried yet) does seem like a vast improvement!

On Mac, hit control+command+space, type "not equal", and hit down then left, choosing ≠.

Certainly longer than typing !=, but far easier than looking up hex values.

Actually if you just hit "Alt" + "=" on the Mac it will insert the ≠

And on Linux, there is a Mac style keyboard available. I use that plus the compose key for maximum special character support.

In Emacs, using a normal keyboard: “C-\ TeX RET \ne”.

With a standard keyboard, and an OS with support for compose sequences: compose + / + =

You can pay for ~/.Xmodmap maybe.

Or when lacking unicode, #

When I read pound/hash/octothorpe it does not yield "not equal" in my mind. I would use "!=" and if someone else used "#" I would struggle to understand its meaning.

It was quite common in Niklaus Wirth languages, for example:

    PROCEDURE & Init(id: LONGINT);
        IF id # NofPhilo-1 THEN
            first := id; second := (id+1)
            first := 0; second := NofPhilo-1
    END Init;

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