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Something that Polymer and Material (IIRC) get right is that when you click multiple times on buttons, new ripples are created each time. In Propeller, the old ripple just "vanishes" and a new ripple is created.

I don't know, I've been obsessed with detail of this sort for a while now. I wound up paying attention to things like this since I tried re-creating material design components in pure WebGL, It's stagnated now though: http://bollu.github.io/webgl-design/bin/paper-material.html

Yes, you are right. Ripple effect must follow Google Material science but we have not kept it in our Propeller version purposefully. The reason is, on each click an extra ripple element is added which is difficult to handle/manage in different scenarios. Still, if you want to implement the Google Material ripple effect in our Propeller version then instead of destroying the ripple effect add a delay time to it.

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