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Thank you! I really appreciate the clarity as I haven't seen this "Edit -> Substitutions" menu before. I have shared this learning with my friends.

If I were a developer of Slack, I would be very tempted to disable that OS functionality (similar to how Sublime Text does not seem to utilize this OS feature).

Ugh, please don't. The fact that Chrome ignores the fact that I have certain OS specific keyboard settings is infuriating.

Turn it off at the OS level if you don't want it. Don't make a decision that makes everyone else who uses the OS frustrated because functionality only exists in a subset of applications.

Agreed. I want more apps adhering to local conventions and generally being good citizens of the platform they run on, not less. It's so annoying when an application decides it knows better than my global system settings, especially when there's no way to change the behavior in question.

Also, this is in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences (where you probably want to make some system-wide changes to defaults so you don’t have to fiddle with the Edit menu in every application).

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