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I recall Joel Spolsky was worked up about this, too, and wrote an article with the memorable title Please, Sir, May I Have A Linker? Somehow we built a ton of apps and got along without the linker all these years, but it sure would have been nice to save the startup time and dealing with customer machines without the framework installed from the beginning.

I'm confused to what extent xcopy deployment works with .NET Native. The Getting Started article[1] makes the point that the native binaries are sitting there in ilc.out and that you should "Test your app thoroughly," but it does not describe the deployment mechanism there, and double-clicking on the .exe does not work. Are you xcopy deploying the appx file (which is not there in ilc.out)?

[1] https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn600165%28v=vs.110...

> I recall Joel Spolsky was worked up about this

Much to his credit, this classic post is still up:


The idea with xcopy deployment, is that you still use the JIT compiler, but all required libraries, including the runtime, are packaged with the application.

So assuming you haven't forgotten any library, everything is loaded from there, not from GAC or somewhere else.

This only works for .NET Core.

Ok, I see you didn't mean .NET Native and xcopy deployment work together but both are options now. Thanks for clarifying. I see the UWP app build folder has all the DLLs copied now.

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