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I was recently looking for something to replace my Evernote, and this was the list of things I have found during my search:

- Any text editor + Syncthing https://syncthing.net/ + TagSpaces https://www.tagspaces.org/

- QOwnNotes http://www.qownnotes.org/

- Nimbus Notes https://nimbus.everhelper.me/note.php

- Laverna https://laverna.cc/

- Turtl https://turtlapp.com/

- SimpleNote https://simplenote.com/

- Wiz http://www.wiz.cn/

- Google Keep https://keep.google.com

- Microsoft OneNote https://www.onenote.com/

- Quiver http://happenapps.com/#quiver

- Notation http://getnotation.com/

- FetchNotes http://www.fetchnotes.com/#/

- ResophNotes http://www.resoph.com/ResophNotes/Welcome.html

- ConnectedText http://www.connectedtext.com/

- RedNotebook http://rednotebook.sourceforge.net/

- Notebooks http://www.notebooksapp.com/

- KeepNote http://keepnote.org/

- CintaNotes http://cintanotes.com/

- Paperwork https://github.com/twostairs/paperwork

- MemPad http://www.horstmuc.de/wmem.htm

- Zim http://zim-wiki.org/

- StandardNotes https://standardnotes.org/

Collate seems to hit all the right notes though, so I'll probably switch to that.

I went with one not on your list - nvALT, backed by an encrypted Dropbox store. Love the minimal UI.


I actually saw it but forgot to add it to the list. To be honest nvAlt and Quiver are my two favorite and make me sad that I am on Windows and can't use them. They really don't have any good equivalent on other OS.

Are you using the built-in encryption?

I'd like to add treesheets (http://strlen.com/treesheets/) to the list: it's an offline tree based editor so it naturally has an infinite number of levels of details you want it to have. The format is a (custom) single file so it's easy to backup and share. While all data is in a tree, it is possible to display it as a grid. I'm not using it currently because I don't really need it, but it's the first one on my to-try list.

I went through that same list while researching note taking apps a couple months ago. I downloaded and tried a bunch but none of them really hit the sweet spot for me.

I'm glad that Collate hits the same use cases for you as it did for me!

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