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And if you are here reading this after telling yourself you really would code your ass off today, you already lost.

And if you posted on this thread after telling yourself you really would code your ass off today...

Seriously, though, sometimes taking short breaks can cause you to be more productive than just slogging through. Not all trips to the internet are procrastination. Sometimes you really do need to just stop coding for a few minutes. Though I imagine there are better ways to recharge your mental batteries than HN. HN just makes you think too much sometimes.

Err, my short stops are from BC2...

I remember working on my first site and just only doing 2hrs a day. I try avoiding using my willpower when I can.

I talk about the experience here: http://chegra.posterous.com/consistently-underperforming

If reading it causes a paradigm shift that results in a sustainable productivity improvement or reduces fear, it's a net win.

Yeah, I keep hoping that solutions to life problems are but an effortless realization gleaned from reading a page or two on the internet away, as well. :/


Dammit! Wait! I haven't finished my coffee yet! There could still be a modicum of win...


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