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This article appears very WordPress centric. While I assume they'd add ads to the Javascript downloaded and run on the page, there is a possibility of this only applying to the plugin, does anyone know for sure?

I use Disqus on a static Jekyll generated page and adding ads to my blog saddens me. My blog doesn't get much traffic, but it's always nice to see an email when someone cares enough about what I wrote to comment. I fear I'll have to migrate to something else if this holds true. Alternatives for my low traffic, low touch (I'm not a web dev) blog?

Hi there, I work at Disqus. Just wanted to clarify that Disqus will continue to be free w/ optional advertising for small / non-commercial sites. This makes up the vast majority of total number of sites on our network.

Here was a comment related to this topic on the blog post https://kinsta.com/blog/disqus-ads/#comment-3153203837

We're planning to post an update clarifying this on our blog soon.

It appears very WordPress centric because this was posted on a website targeting WordPress hosting for business. But they'll affect anyone using the Disqus widget in their sites.

This affects everyone, not just WordPress users unfortunately.

Maybe muut.com?

This looks interesting. Have you used it?

No, I don't really enjoy Web based comment platforms (including hn, but there's no denying the positive network effect :-) - and would probably self-host if I wanted one.

I've looked a bit at riot, their js framework though: riotjs.com.

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