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That is part of it. I think some miners are against any increase because it will lower fees. Without a blocksize limit fees tend to zero, which is fine while there is the block reward but they still want to milk the congestion fees. To say they are pro segwit or pro unlimited is bluffing. They are pro status quo and congestion and high fees.

The idea that lightning will lead to a hub, in the case of Unlimited believers they think this will be Blockstream and therefore think that the core developers who work for Blockstream are blocking a blocksize increase for nefarious reasons when they are doing it to avoid a hard fork and to maintain the incentives of miners while enabling cheap off chain transactions.

That idea that a natural hub monopoly will form is ill thought out as explained here: https://youtu.be/fst1IK_mrng?list=WL&t=6072

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