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When I first read the headline, I assumed the story was going to be something like Zuckerberg looks at Facebook user's private messages and makes trades based on the private information in those messages. Obviously that's not the case, but it wouldn't have surprised me with the way he treated user data, especially early on in Facebook's history.

What good do you think it accomplishes to post this comment? Of course people assume terrible things about Zuckerberg now that Facebook has passed into the backlash stage of the hype cycle, but having a vivid imagination about the crimes someone hasn't actually committed is a reflection on you, not on him.

The point of my comment is that unethical behavior, even when you're early 20s, will cause people to assume the worst with you. Facebook's current privacy policies and attitudes are alarming enough, but they're far more alarming when taken into context with Mark Zuckerberg's alleged past behavior.

Most people don't read full articles. They look at the headlines and make assumptions. Mark's put himself in a position where the assumptions that people make are going to be negative, and that's going to hurt his business, even if it's unfair.

It's important to recognize that once you've reached the backlash stage of the hype cycle, the negative rumors and assumptions of bad faith will begin. It's not important to participate in that process personally, and it's rather below the level of discourse I'm interested in seeing on Hacker News.

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