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Revert the GitHub dark header (github.com)
79 points by derosul 222 days ago | hide | past | web | 34 comments | favorite

Have to say, when I saw the dark top-bar, I presumed it must be part of another go-dark internet protest about something, and wondered why there was no announcement.

Glad to see I can get rid if it (in Chrome at least).

Open the Console in developer tools and paste this in document.querySelector('.header').classList.remove('header-dark') Credits: https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/5t9bnd/github_...

Only works once tho on a page, just use when you're like, that's distracting, go away for a sec.

Yeah, I thought maybe someone important died but couldn't find any references.

I really dislike the dark header - it draws attention away from the content and towards the nav because the contrast is so great.

I remember when Google search stopped using underlines on their search result links... I couldn't stand it. Now I'd probably have the same reaction if they switched back.

They should make the rest of the site dark to match. Problem solved.

Github should have used the eBay approach where you gradually alter your look to avoid triggering revolt. Fade the banner from light gray to dark gray over the period of a few months!


> At eBay, they learned the hard way that their users don’t like dramatic change. One day, the folks at eBay decided they no longer liked the bright yellow background on many of their pages, so they just changed it to a white background. Instantly, they started receiving emails from customers, bemoaning the change. So many people complained, that they felt forced to change it back.

Mark Otto (@mdo) said that the `header-dark` class will be going away soon [1], so we can't be sure how long this extension will still be working.

Personally, I like the dark bar, though at first it was confusing since the dark bar is usually associated with GitHub Enterprise.

[1] https://twitter.com/mdo/status/830149416556191744

This is my main issue with the new header. Now I'll have to get used to not being to distinguish between the two anymore.

I use this GitHub theme for Stylish, which makes GitHub so much better.

Stylish makes the most sense, because it is a CSS-only solution. Using javascript for this sort of thing is hackish.


The latest Stylish update in chrome introduced tracking btw. It now "calls home" by fetching the "recommended styles for this site" even when the popup isn't open. You can check the network traffic in the `background.js`.

Here's a greasemonkey script I'm using: https://gist.github.com/Zren/8726ccca22659baaeb055fd0258df76...

Is this true on firefox, as well? I use firefox.

Don't think so. I think the Firefox store has different rules and/or a different maintainer.


Human eyes focus differently on dark on white vs white on dark. The new dark header induces switch strain as well as focus issues (for humans). http://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/53264/dark-or-white-co...

I like the new header tho - jet black / blue is a good look.

For those curious about the announcement:


Isn't the check `if(host == "github.com") {` redundant because you have it in the manifest anyway?

More than anything, I'm curious about the reasons behind the change?

For a minute there I thought something happened in the world that I was not made aware of. I didn't see Hacker News change their bar so it was just an unexplained github style change.

I like the dark header. Wish they make an optional dark theme.

I much prefer dark themes, but I find the new header really ugly and clashing with everything else. A full dark theme could be cool, though. Just changing the header is lazy.

More things need dark themes!

Can someone explain what the dark header is?

Previously Github's navbar used to be black icons on light gray, and today it turned into light icons on black navbar.

It still is for me. This is the new web reality where everything is only eventually consistent and at any given point in time you're being A/B tested on some bullshit idea.

Oh, that's what I'm seeing. There's no difference with the screenshot.

why don't you go to github.com and see for yourself?

They probably did, I did too... there's no change. I see the good old white header. Text and the octocat are the only black things on screen.

What I want is a way to properly disable mobile mode, and disable the YOOGE "switch to mobile" header.

I want to see the full README and the code, not the irrelevant stuff cluttering the mobile page.

for anyone that doesnt know, there is already an extension called "dark reader" that makes every page dark:


theres really no need to make a separate extension for every website, unless you are trying to make a statement

I don't like the dark header. But StackOverflow changed its header from dark to white and I don't like it either.

That makes me so confused about my likes.

More JS processing my page? No thanks.

This is my favorite product in the world right now.

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