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Show HN: We Freelance, a community where freelancers share stories and resources (we-freelance.com)
78 points by florentsuc on Feb 10, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

Hey HN, "We Freelance" maker here.

I've been a freelance mobile developer for 3 years now, and I remember my very begining, I hesitated a long time to become a freelancer.

So I hope "We Freelance" will help some to take the step thanks to inspiring stories, books and resources.

I also love trying new SaaS tools (maybe too much), so the next feature will be a list of all the tools suitable for freelancers.

If you have any feature idea, do not hesitate to comment, or PM me on Twitter.

I recently got laid off from dayjob and had been doing a little frelancing on the side...I'm re-empployed again. But I've been thinking really hard about going freelance full-blown (even if only to feel like I'm in more control of my "employment fate")...so I definitely agree with your "...hesitated a long time..." note. I have not yet taken the plunge...so very much appreciate this site that you have built! Kudos!

Nice timing. I'm about to take the plunge. For now, I have decided to juggle both freelancing and my day job. Looking forward to this community.

Any chance of an RSS feed?

Why the Upwork color theme? That turned me off for a while.

The first thought I had: "Is this from Upwork?"

Pure coincidence, I chose the main color when I was driving for the holidays, so I guess I saw too many trees on the road ;-)

I feel like stories is kind of misleading - I was hoping for literal stories, while instead it seems like it's just a non-standard name for your discussion/forum section

So how do we actually share something? I don't see any signup or submit link. I'm Chrome for iOS.

That was a bug. You should see a "Submit" button on the stories subheader now. Thanks!

Is there a place where we can out bad clients?

Just out of curiosity: What is your tech stack?

- Front : Angular / No CSS Framework, only the HTML5 Reset.

- Back : Firebase (Database, Hosting & Storage)

All I see is "WF" in a box.

Hey JTxt, I think Firebase is crying. Trying to see what's going on!

Console warning, if it helps:

  > 16:03:13.269 FIREBASE WARNING: Specified Firebase database has reached its Peak Connections limit.
  > If you are the Firebase owner, consider upgrading. (https://wefreelance-prod.firebaseio.com) 
I didn't get any further than the WF in my boutique QupZilla browser, with ancient ad-block tech built-in, but extension-free Chrome got to the point where it looked like it was actually trying to load something.

Thanks for that. Don't really understand how the firebase peak connection limit is calculated. From what I see on Google Analytics, I don't have 100 simultaneous connection.

Edit: I upgraded, so it should be good.

If the submitter were to rename the site, "We The Freelancers", that fail page could say "WTF" instead.

How much time did it took ? Like commenting a hackernews child in hackernews :)

This looks like the VueJS Hacker news script. Not knocking it but just curious if it is. I've used that script to build a few things myself. https://github.com/vuejs/vue-hackernews-2.0

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