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Empathy is the just the newest word for certain people to feel that they're better than everyone else (who lacks empathy?).

After a while it gets tiring keeping up with it all, I sometimes think I should try and identify the newest word to add to the word bingo software developers seem to feel the need to employ to differentiate themselves from everyone else.

This is a remarkably dismissive comment. Empathy is not just a new buzz word, it matters a great deal. Some of the best advice i have ever received as a developer was to "think like the client". That is a difficult thing to do, and i do not view it as a reason i am better, i view it as something i am constantly subpar at.

But thinking like your customer is, by definition, empathetic. Intimately understanding a customers needs and reactions to your software will not help you to write academically superior code, but it will help you create better products.

You would think someone who was good at this newfangled "empathy" stuff would've managed to start off their comment in a more positive way.

It's all necessary for writing software, but when someone starts telling me one specific aspect of it is more important than the others, then yes, I absolutely dismiss them. It's code for "I can't write good code, but it's alright because I'm a people person and that makes me more important than the ones who CAN write code".

It's just more egotistical bullshit that's more about the person making the statement than anything else.

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