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Dev here. Cross-platform for Linux/BSD is on the way, and it's already in the repo now.

That's great! You should definitely add that to the docs. I just went to the same page and was extremely disappointed when I saw that it required Windows. A benchmark comparing it with similar solutions (esp. Neo4j) would be much welcome.

Sure we'll definitely update the docs! Or better to work out one way to put the docs on GitHub and keep it synchronized with the site (they're markdown anyway)

While you are at it, can you guys also do a feature comparison between Graph Engine vs Neo4J vs JanusGraph (vs Apache Giraph)?


Does this relate somehow to the Trinity graph store[1] which Microsoft have previously published papers about?

[1] http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2467799

This is Trinity.

Awesome. Thanks for being on-top of putting this info out there: I was about to gripe about no mention of linux in the reqs/docs.

Does that include developing/compiling GE (and GE apps) on Linux/BSD?

Yes, we will continue working on bringing both the core runtime and the toolchain (TSL compiler, data management tools, more computation modules, language bindings etc.) online and ready for the *nix world.

How well would this run traditional graph algorithms like PageRank?

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