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Networking Zine [pdf] (jvns.ca)
114 points by brudgers on Feb 9, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

This zine also has a print version that you can print and fold and staple. The print version is linked here: http://jvns.ca/zines/#networking-ack.

I wrote this in large part because I love being able to print out zines about my favorite topics ("hey, want to know more about computer networking?! I wrote a small thing you can read about it!!") and give them to people who might not otherwise read about the subject.

I love your zines. I have a pack of them here waiting for distribution at our next meetup here in Brazil. Thanks a lot for the hard work, it is very inspiring!

This, like all of your other zines, is awesome!

Would you mind sharing what you're using to make them? It looks too nice to be scanned paper?

I wrote a blog post about the process here: http://jvns.ca/blog/2016/08/29/how-i-made-a-zine/

I write them all on a 10 inch Samsung tablet (with an "S pen") in an app called Squid. Writing them on a tablet really helps a lot -- my first zine was on scanned paper, and it was fun (you can see it at http://jvns.ca/strace-zine-unfolded.pdf) but it was hard to edit and the results didn't look nearly as good.

If you use an ipad pro, there's an app called Goodnotes which is quite good for drawing things like this. They both give you vector images so you can scale them up to any resolution.

Awesome, thank you very much! Love the zines!

This is extremely cool, thanks for sharing.

I will share this with some developers I know... :-)

The more of these Julia does, the happier a place the world will be :)

There's a mistake on page 4 in the structure diagram. It says the first block of a packet is 14 bytes == 84 bits. But 14 bytes is 112 bits, as is seen on the repeat of the diagram on page 15.

A MAC address is 48 bits, so 2 MAC addresses and a type can never fit into 84 bits.

Not including the FCS, which is another 4 bytes.

Or, in many cases the VLAN, which is...another 4 bytes.

Hence the 1522B interface MTU (22 + 1500 of L3 MTU).

The artwork made me think of _why's guide for Ruby.

The progressive loading of these pages (at least in Firefox) looks really neat. It's as if the page is being drawn as I scroll.

Anyway, love this. :]

Man, I love Julia's blog posts... and now we get to enjoy her zines as well. A win for learners all around!

Thank you

looking zine (lol)

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