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"Real" bitcoining doesn't use services like coinbase; the coins are on your computer which you have to secure yourself. At least this is what you get told in cryptocurrency forums when one of the exchanges get hacked.

No it's true. Exchanges are prime targets, so it's risky. Wallets on desktops come in a variety of flavours, and can be secured. Getting root access to your device is trickey, let alone they would not know you have your bitcoin.

Beyond that, the pros and experts who have a lot do cold storage. Putting the keys offline.

You didn't read TFA. There were no online exchanges involved, the bitcoin wallet was in his computer.

Oh ok, then it's the other way 'round. "Security is not easy, if you can't handle it better leave your btc on the exchanges." Either way, it's all by design, if you lose your money it's your fault.

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