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Ask HN: Do you journal for therapeutic purposes?
2 points by krrishd on Feb 7, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
If so, how effective has it been for you?

What could be better?

Very effective ... about 6 weeks ago I started a "Bitch Files" notebook. I made myself the promise that when I was finished with it I would ceremonially burn it. It was great to dump all the disappointments, frustrations, fears into it. I wrote most mornings and nights. After about a month I ran out of negative stuff. Started writing positive, optimistic stuff. So I started a nice clean new journal for those. I still keep the BF notebook around, but I haven't had anything to add for a couple of weeks now. One day soon, I'll go ahead and burn it and set all that negativity free.

I have tried writing on computer in the past. That works as well, but writing by hand seems to provide greater relief. Besides, I wouldn't exactly want to burn my computer. Doesn't matter if your handwriting is lousy. It's not like anybody is going to read it. But I do find it fun to flick through the pages and scribble over them. It is tactile and thus more engaging.

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