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I read the_mitsuhiko's comment with the same interpretation as Doctor_Fegg, and, as a native English speaker, i believe that this is the natural interpretation.

I also believe it makes sense. Perhaps i can restate it. the_mitsuhiko made five assertions:

1. The AGPL is not just an updated GPL, but expands the scope of the GPL's 'infective' property considerably.

2. Some people are uncertain about what exactly the consequences of using AGPL'd software are.

3. Because of this uncertainty, there are companies which will not use AGPL'd software.

4. The AGPL is an open source license, but it is neither the only nor the most representative open source license.

5. Some people wish to license their software in a way which maximises the number of people who can use it. That means not using the AGPL, because of point 3.

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