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This is fantastic! I'm working on a little piece of fun realtime streaming database tech, and up until now I thought I'd have to implement my own realtime querying piece. Being able to lean on rethinkdb will make the whole thing way easier to implement, and provide a better experience for my users.

My concern has been that there's a few missing features in rethinkdb - I want to be able to resume query after a client gets disconnected without re-downloading the result set. (If the data hasn't changed) and I want deeper integration with rethinkdb's versioning system. But I've been too nervous about making those changes myself and build on top of rethinkdb because of license taint. Now this has all been solved. Its starting to look like a good time to crack open the code and submit some patches! Thanks everyone who's made this happen!

FWIW, I would also love to be able to resume queries. For the moment I redownload the initial data, which is suboptimal (though honestly performance hasn't been a problem yet).

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