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Although I wanted to use RethinkDB for new stuff I was very hesitant to introduce a probably discontinued product. Using a Linux product with Apache 2 instead makes the decision to introduce RethinkDB much easier.

Is somebody already working on a operator for kubernetes like coreos did for etcd [1]? What is your recommended kubernetes deployment for RethinkDB?

[1] https://github.com/coreos/etcd-operator

I would highly recommend starting with this project: https://github.com/rosskukulinski/kubernetes-rethinkdb-clust...

I use RethinkDB with Kubernetes in production using the above project and have been very happy.

Ross, the project creator, is also a RethinkDB leadership member and is stellar at responding to any questions concerning the project.

While the CNCF helped front the funds to get the this going, RethinkDB is totally under the Linux Foundation and not a CNCF project for now.

Thank you for the correction.

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