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Article indicates that an iphone is the special hardware. It also handles the timing, even preemptively signals the player when to go based on his/her reaction time.

Timing doesn't have to be perfect - only enough to offset the house edge.

Well, iPhone is the viewing mechanism for engineers on the other side of the world to do the real work.

Interesting how they're doing it, I guess making an app with image recognition takes too much effort, and having all the logic in an app makes it easier for your fellow thief to go independent and not give you your cut. I guess an app that requires login would be possible.

Yeah, it'd be too much of a risk to let the "secret sauce" go anywhere out of their control.

IIRC the iPhone processing power is inadequate.

What are you remembering, exactly?

I made that assumption based on this text:

> So even if they understand how a machine’s PRNG functions, hackers would also have to analyze the machine’s gameplay to discern its pattern. That requires both time and substantial computing power

I would have guessed that the CPU requirements to process the video and map it against the PRNG characteristics would be a bit much for a smartphone, but given how powerful they are these days, that may well be flawed assumption.

I can't speak to the video processing (although with modern neural networks it seems it would be more than doable), but speaking from experience, brute forcing a 32-bit PRNG takes substantially less compute power than you might think...

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