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Feeling good about our decision to stick with it for our core infrastructure's next incarnation. Still very sad that they didn't make it as a company. We would have paid. RethinkDB is an unbelievable technology: better under the hood and IMHO easier to use than MongoDB, and combining NoSQL with some SQL-like features that for us are good enough. The rough edges we've found so far are minor.

We used PostgreSQL before and while excellent on a single node it's deeply painful to cluster. You need a full time DBA to make sure you're doing it right, as GitLab discovered, and when it fails it gives error messages that seem more cryptic than C++ template errors. Amazon RDS was insanely pricey compared to bare metal (our load is both CPU-bound and disk-IO-heavy bare metal on OVH is >10X cheaper than Amazon) and Redshift didn't have pgsql syntax yet. Even now that it does I'm not sure I want to be bound to it as I have an instinctive aversion to cloud lock-in.

Citus (https://github.com/citusdata/citus) is pretty easy to use for distributed postgres.

Citus is interestingly licensed under the AGPL.

Definitely, I LOVE digging through RethinkDB queries. Relational documents with change feeds is exactly what I've always wanted in a database.

Yeah the change feed feature is beautiful too. It's not what sold us but once we had it it made making everything real-time almost trivial.

I think the big thing for us is that everything about RethinkDB screams quality from a technical POV. It's powerful but not over-engineered. The code is pretty clean looking. It "just works" without hiding wads of chewing gum and duct tape in Docker containers or requiring 10-step setup processes. When you do bang on it ChaosMonkey-style it holds up very well.

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