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Am I reading this right? Rethinkdb is now under apache 2? That's awesome news - such great software.

To add to that: one of the great consequences of this change is that a large amount of RethinkDB source code that was previously unavailable as open-source code (including some unreleased features for RethinkDB, copious amounts of artwork and content, and build / performance scripts) will now also be steadily open-sourced.

We felt that it was too important to let the work we created have a life of its own and establish its own life in the open-source community. It's wonderful to see this finally happen.

Why that code couldn't be made available under the AGPL, maybe different and incompatible licenses?

Some of the code and content was heavily used internally, but we never invested time to properly package it for public consumption.

We also briefly had a closed-source version of RethinkDB that has a few useful features for larger teams: we're excited to be able to merge these back into the project.

"Transferring copyright to The Linux Foundation, relicensing RethinkDB under ASLv2."


Yes this is currently in the works; going from AGPL -> ASLv2 is not as simple as a Github PR, but we should hopefully resolve it in the next week or two.

That is absolutely fantastic. I feel much more confident about the future of rethinkdb now.

There were some interesting conversations on GitHub during past few months. In the end, everything is in it's place, I am really glad to see RethinkDB standing a chance on their own as an open source project!

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