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I second this.

I'm using yEd a lot, and I especially like layouting functions like hierarchical layout. I often use it to plan interdependent tasks. I just start with tasks I know are required and the thing of their prerequisites. Quite fast this gives a big graph structure. Then I run a hierarchical layout on this and suddenly I have a very clear structure of tasks. Their hierarchical layouting algorithm is great. I suspect it may be based on GraphViz dot's algorithm (http://www.graphviz.org/Documentation/TSE93.pdf) as it produces results of similar high quality.

I also love the UI of yEd. Zooming in and out, creating nodes and dependencies/edges feels just great.

yed is the best tool for the job I've used so far, so I'm glad someone already mentioned it.

I have found it most handy for visualising data that I've dumped elsewhere in a simple format such as .tgf (generated dependency diagrams etc).

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