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If you had a full-time nanny you'd just be exploiting someone else, and that's not really better! (Although at least she'd be getting paid.)

Paying someone to perform work is exploitation, is it? I'm not talking some minimum wage less "room and board" situation.

You assume too much and know too little about the situation to make the comments you're making.

More seriously: You complain that your kids bother you any time you try to work from home, and how that's just intolerable. But your wife apparently puts up with it every day. They probably bug the shit out of her too - she's just doing that without whining to you about how haaarrrd it is. Implying that what makes her a "saint" isn't "putting up with her kids" so much as it is "putting up with you".

This sort of personal attack is a bannable offense on HN, and you've done it repeatedly. Your comments to HN have also frequently been uncivil, often egregiously so. Since we asked you to stop breaking the site rules and instead the problem has gotten worse, I've banned your account, at least until we get some indication that it won't happen again.

Is this a parody account?

It seems like you have an issue you need to discuss with someone, and that someone is not the person you're addressing here on HN.

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