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It's normal: you make such a big investment (moving to an open office), you have to pretend you didn't screw it up good.

Like when people pretended they liked standing desks because they spent $1000 in one. Imagine standing still for eight hours a day.

Adjustable stand/sit desk with motor is a way to go. Has been common in Microsoft and Apple for years.

I scoffed at standing desks until my new workspace installed them (the motorized kind, that adjust up or down) and I tried standing for a few days. I found I liked it a lot. I almost never sit at my desk now.

> Imagine standing still for eight hours a day.

Imagine sitting perfectly still for eight hours a day.

I just imagined both, and I preferred the standing still nonsense to the sitting still nonsense.

Just to throw it out there, I much prefer sitting at my desk, but I make it a point to spend some time wandering around the office/outside the building for at least a few minutes every hour.

I'm also not a developer though, so I don't need to be in focus mode for long periods of time.

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