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This will get better once we have type level integers. It's just not there yet. You're totally right that it's a weak point st the moment.

Cool, I think rust needs some time to mature.

I'm currently looking for a rust guide that shows me some programming patterns.

For example:

- How to best implement an observer pattern

- Best practices for vector code

- Best practices for tree implementations and how to implement a lambda on top of it.

I'm interested in small snippets so that I can get some initial productive code and progress from there.

I agree that more docs on this kind of thing will be good, but I think going about it this way might be harder than you'd expect. Applying existing patterns and writing data structures is actually harder in Rust than in many other languages, and people that try to start with it often get stuck. Rust's own patterns and best practices are still kinda evolving, hence your maturity comment.

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