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In addition to this, it's important to note that in a .mid file (or, more accurately, a Standard MIDI File), a track is deliberately quite similar to a stream of MIDI data. There are some changes, obviously (among other things, timing information is stored as a delta per-event, and the addition of Meta Events displace the MIDI Reset command) but all of these can be dealt with just before the events are sent out, to my knowledge.

Because events in a track in a Standard MIDI File are stored more-or-less the same way they'd be sent down the wire, that includes the channel information. The sender doesn't need to have any concept of channels in order to send the events stored in a SMF.

(Yes, this does mean that you can have notes on different tracks that are on the same channel. That's actually useful sometimes when using a DAW, especially for solos and drum parts.)

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