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I've played around with various USB MIDI devices and while its possible to eg create multiple virtual devices, they tend to create one which simply streams a series of notes (with channel as part of the note).

MIDI messages tend to be 3 bytes[1]. For example, a "Note On" message is 0x9Z 0xKK 0xVV where 9 is the "Note On" command, Z is the MIDI channel (since its 4 bits, you can have 16 channels), KK is the key/note (up to 128 [2]) and VV is the velocity (up to 128 different values).

[1] excluding system messages and the channel pressure command which has only 2 bytes

[2] the most significant bit is always 0 for data bytes. If its 1 (like in the first of the messages byte) it is treated as a command byte.

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