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He didn't have any clout with customers in our field and certainly didn't bring a book of business with him. In sales, your current and prospective customer list is considered IP of the company you work for. What he brought was his skills in selling SaaS B2B, which comes from experience. I don't think hiring someone with experience is normally considered a growth hack. It's probably common sense, but we were too dumb to know it.

I thought sales was just sales and if you could sell one thing, you could sell anything. What I didn't realize is that selling B2B to a small business and selling B2B to an enterprise is as different as a skill set as writing compilers and building web scale applications. It takes years to get really good at each one of those things.

I've also learned that as a founder/CEO, most of my time is spent selling. I was a software engineer for 10 years and now I pretty much spend all day every day selling. Selling investors on why they should buy 25% of my company, selling potential hires on why we are the next big thing, selling the board on our new plan, selling customers on our product and selling employees on the company vision.

There were no customers common to both populations?

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