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GCE is incapable of doing the most recent cloud setup I've built on AWS, which uses g2 instances extensively (although Azure could).

I need the actual GPU—graphics, OpenGL, etc.—part, not just CUDA, in addition to the hardware H.264 encoders that come with nVidia's GRID CPUs. GCE has no equivalent.

We're also using Amazon's Elastic File System, and I don't think Google has an alternative—though that's something I could handle differently if I had to, at higher cost.

We announced that we'll have AMD's 9300x2s and NVIDIA's P100s at Supercomputing: https://cloudplatform.googleblog.com/2016/11/announcing-GPUs...

I'd be happy to get you early access, Erich ;).

Disclosure: I work on Google Cloud.

Interesting, I'll keep any eye out. The main renderer we use (Hydra, part of Pixar's USD[0] project) would need to be ported to run on the AMD GPU, but it's designed to be backend agnostic to a degree so it should be possible.

I'm pretty sure AMD also has the ability to H.264 encode the screen at 60fps (with low latency) which is really important to us—our "workstation" is entirely in the cloud, with a Pi 3 running the display/keyboard/mouse.

[0] http://graphics.pixar.com/usd/docs/index.html

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