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They just built a hardware product.

Also: all the stuff we haven't seen yet... who knows what they are doing with the vast amount of video data piped to their servers every second.

Being generous, 5 employees for hw + 5 for manufacturing should be more than sufficient for a pair of sunglasses that takes 10 second videos.

That is not how hardware works.

At least 2 EEs, another couple EE techs to fix prototype up boards that come in and prepare development boards for the software work.

You will have a couple people doing just regulatory work. Sign off on BT, USB, batteries, etc.

At least 1 ME, at least 1 industrial designer as well. 1 person in charge of optics.

1 software person to do board bring up, another person who specializes in Bluetooth because Bluetooth is a nightmare and you will have to work around different bugs on iOS and Android. Finally someone to do the actual firmware. You may get away with just 2 people, or you may need more, depending.

Someone had to design the box they come in.

The vending machines likely had a team behind them as well.

Then there is the marketing of the product, the glasses went viral fast, there was a team of people responsible for that.

And once all that is done, now you need a manufacturing team.

If the team was incredibly agile and efficient, maybe 20 people at the bare minimum.

double at least for redundancy to cover holiday/sickness/bus factor

Having worked on an agile HW team, I'll say that the bus factor was a solid 1 all throughout. In fact the bus factor was a whole lot of different 1s!


Did you read what the parent said? That is not how hardware works.

Yes it's easy to build a single device... successfully scaling it to millions of devices is the hard part.

Also: "100x the resolution?" You obviously have no clue.

Why don't you? Otherwise shut up.

> Always the HN expert to wag the finger.

Says the expert with nothing to support your assertive claims.

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