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$400 million annually represents a monthly cost per user of $0.21 at 158 million daily active users. Which seems high at scale when looking at storage + bandwidth alone, I would think, but I'm also not a big Snapchat user so I'm not sure what is going on in terms of long term storage of video on an account level.

I would think their bandwidth costs are astronomical. Since 19/3/16 Snapchat has used 14.8GB of mobile data on my iPhone alone - not including WiFi.

Bandwidth is kinda cheap these days though, if you avoid GC and AWS. Anyone have recent numbers at this scale of commitment?

They will get a bulk discount so it will be cheap probably close to zero.

Close to zero but $400M in related expense.

I literally lolled at this comment.

I assume this is sarcasm...just want to verify :)

I would also assume they have factored in some growth over the next 5 years... If they don't have many multiples of 158M DAU by 2022 they are screwed regardless of their hosting bill.

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