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I've been interested in the topic of coding notes / project logs for a number of years primarily due to the positive benefit I've gained from the habit.

Quite some time ago I created Labradoc http://labradoc.com/ to help make the process easier for myself & others and make myself incredibly wealthy through SaaS. While the latter has not happened, :) the site has still been super valuable for me: http://www.labradoc.com/i/follower (I started my journey by using a single-file wiki tool: http://code.rancidbacon.com/ProjectLogArduinoUSB .)

It hasn't had any feature (or design :) ) upgrades for...about half a decade and while there are many things I've thought of adding it serves my purposes in its current state.

While the past couple of years has seen the development of "project log" sites for hackers/developers the general note-taking approach seems less common. Part of the reason being that I suspect most developers are inclined to just build their own.

Here's an example of a completed project log: http://www.labradoc.com/i/follower/p/project-sms-text-scroll...

In addition to "project" logs I also have "topic" notes (e.g. http://www.labradoc.com/i/follower/p/notes-web-bluetooth & http://www.labradoc.com/i/follower/p/notes-react-native) which tend to be a collection of reference links and then chronological notes related to my work on the topic.

Here's some links to other posts about this subject & site which may be of interest:

* "Show HN: Side project this weekend? Start a Labradoc project log to keep track.": https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2669425

* https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2914071

* https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4213311

And other random comments on the topic I've made:

* "I've found a project log as a good way to get an idea out of my head too--or out of the tabs in my browser :) until I'm ready to get back to it."

* "I consider it a form of a "commit log for your day"..."

* "The single biggest thing that's helped me context switch between projects (or return to one) has been keeping a project log. To me, a project log is to documentation as Twitter is to blogging--it requires little effort but over time provides useful pointers to where you were at the time."

* "Yeah, it's really helped with those 'now, what was that command line I used?' and 'how did I solve that problem last time?' type questions too. And not just for yourself. It also helps other people pick up 'incomplete' projects you might have lying around that you cough haven't got around to documenting yet."

I started keeping project logs on Confluence wiki recently and it is amazing how much faster task switching goes without that "who wrote this?" effect and all the "oh yeah, I went down this exact same blind alley of confusion last time too."

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