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I'm learning this the hard way. I thought the hardest part was developing the product.

"If you build it, they will come." should be "If you build it, they will come, after you tell them what it does"

> I thought the hardest part was developing the product.

I'm curious: Why did you think that? There are articles, from time-to-time, that decry this notion, and yet I find that young/first-time entrepreneurs often think this. Since it's such a common notion - I've become generally increasingly curious about how it (this idea) is spread. How it gets into people's heads. Any thoughts?

You also read time and time again of a developer building a project they've put little marketing effort into banking them 5k/mo while allowing them to quit their full time job.

I think after putting a huge amount of time and effort into a project, you just kind of convince yourself that it's good enough to sell itself.

That's a pretty good point. Still, I think it's relatively rare (statistically, out of all those who attempt it), unless they themselves are active among the community of users that adopters -- and even then stories of developers building developer tools in return for almost zero donations are not uncommon.


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