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Ask HN: What is a good source of news for Fintech related stuff?
137 points by Wigeke on Feb 2, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 38 comments

I subscribe to Matt Levine's Money Stuff email (A daily take on Wall Street, finance, companies and stuff.) it's a great round up of recent events and can be signed up to here: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/?alcmpid=view&subscribe-form=...

The 11:FS podcast is pretty good for London fintech. I'm heading over to record an episode this afternoon!


FYI -- Shameless self-interested hiring plug. Fintech startup nyc (Forbes 2016) https://www.dv01.co/. Excellent place to learn, good pay, fantastic city.

paymentssource.com finextra.com pymnts.com bankinnovation.net dailyfintech.com

all of them updated daily or multiple times daily and all include great contributors.

Do you not find that websites such as the above put out too much content, to the extent that new points and insights that you hadn't considered before get too diluted amongst the amount of time you spend reading said articles?

I do have issue with these sites, though I wouldn't have classified the issue as one of 'content overload'. My issue would be that they either: (A) Content is too vague and only skirts the issue headlined or (B) Content provided is too loaded with 'sponsor content' that isn't of too much value.

O'Reilly has a weekly Fintech newsletter which is pretty interesting. It isn't weekly like most of O'Reilly's newsletters, but that can be a good thing as it doesn't have to stretch to find interesting articles.


I like Matt Levine's newsletter Money Stuff: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/topics/money-stuff

I used to read finextra.com, but it's too broad for me now. I get Eddie George's [1] [2] weekly email, which is very London focused.

[1] https://www.linkedin.com/in/eddiegeorge/ [2] https://www.meetup.com/newfinance/

https://thefintechtimes.com/ Good for London Fintech stuff

Planet Money - Not exactly an up-to-date fintech news channel. But, these guys take current fintech news as topic and make a comprehensive podcast about it. For instace, when dow reached 20k, they made a podcast about dow. It may not cover each and every fintech news, but it surely covers the important ones; that too in detail.

Netbanker who got bought by Finnovate used to be the most intelligent place to find fintech related news and analysis.

It's called http://finovate.com/blog/ now and is still pretty good.

For payments related news I regularly check pymnts.com and greensheet.com

We created https://wealthhackers.net for consumer side fintech news. We quietly launched it yesterday.

This is Awesome!

Surprised no one has dropped it yet, but I like https://fin.plaid.com/

Investopedia sends me a daily digest with financial news, as well as a mix of introductory and more involved financial topics.

Dailyfintech.com is quite good

Debanked.com is decent

Zerohedge? I feel like they cater less to fintech types then they do to perpetual doom and gloom types.

ZeroHedge used to be interesting but has long since gone over the cliff. Their front page isn't even mostly financial news, it's full of Trump boosterism and things like the Milo protest (which of course they take the side of Milo).

I think most logical people take the side of Milo.

I think they also lost their Credit Derivatives specialist after the other employee rage quit and did the expose' on how Zerohedge was run.

I got a lot of good information about the credit markets and credit default swap markets that I was able to act on.

But they stopped publishing that stuff. So it is either just the one guy left, or several other lackeys that write the same kind of things.

"I don't like it because it's not liberal like the rest."

I read Zerohedge from time-to-time. The problem isn't that it isn't liberal - it's that the comment section is utterly and shamelessly racist and antisemitic and the articles have been pandering to this lately.

I'm not exaggerating either: the comment sections are without a doubt one of the most horrible places on the internet that isn't a dark corner.

Yeah, my readership of that site has gone down dramatically as it has passed the point of "contrarianism" into "outright insanity".

They have a very obvious contrarian tone. It has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. Having read Zero Hedge for years now the "doom and gloom" assessment is not incorrect nor is it a partisan observation.

A little birdie on a certain American anime imageboard once told me that Zero Hedge receives financial support from the Chinese government as a way to destabilize American markets. The idea is that they get disenchanted Wall Street types to buy into bogus gloom and doom stories posted there, and then they proceed to make irrational buys and sells.

I didn't believe them at the time but it occurs to me now that Russia funding a project like Zero Hedge is well within the realm of plausibility.

The problem with ZeroHedge is not its political point of view or contrarianism. Its biggest sin is that they bury financial topics under political topics.

Define liberal in this context.

macro-man.blogspot.com is a sane alternative to Zerohedge

Yep that's right. They've predicted 1,000,000 of the last 0 recessions

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