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Gravity Brands, Marketing Startup | Downtown Los Angeles | Software Engineers(Python/Django stack), Director of Engineering, Web Developers, and UX/UI | 10 openings on tech Full-time, on-site in DTLA | Phone screen, ~1.5 hour on-site, offer.

We are a self-funded marketing startup, www.gravitybrands.com, that has our Flagship product, www.fragrantjewels.com, producing almost 60 million in revenue to date after 2.5 years. We are looking to expand our tech team with ambition this year to build an app, a custom analytics platform, a robust customer loyalty program, customized consumer experience driven by sales, gamification layer, and work on so many more projects in our pipeline...(aka you wouldn't touch landing pages!).

We offer highly competitive pay, wear what you want, beer on tap, ping pong, and many more perks.

Check out our openings: https://fragrant-jewels.workable.com/ then ping me directly at gabrielle(at)gravitybrands.com with HackerNews in the subject line. I have a 100% response rate to all applicants that I hold near and dear to my heart if you do decide to apply directly.

Happy hacking!

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