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"I upvoted you, but there's something I'm not clear about - are you saying that the Model M causes more repetitive stress-related pain than other keyboards? Because I beg to differ. Switching from a Microsoft intellisomething keyboard to a Model M (and a Logitech web keyboard before it) reduced my wrist pain (and I'm already on Dvorak). At work, I'm now using a Microsoft keyboard once more, and have noticed a marked increase in wrist pain."

I don't disbelieve you -- and, in fact, would report the same. Model Ms are awesome.


What makes a good keyboard is very much a personal thing. It depends on many factors. How tall you are; what position you sit in; what kind of chair you use; how high your chair is adjusted; what your posture is like within that chair; how high your desk is; how high your desk is relative to your chair; how the monitor is oriented; how long your arms are; the ambient temperature; how large your hands are; how strong your fingers are; what position you hold your fingers in over the keyboard (I maintain that holding your fingers over the home row as a default position is insane); how often you take breaks; what kind of exercises you do during those breaks, if any; what kind of exercises you do before sitting down to type, and when you're done for the day; and how many hours a day you type are the first few factors that spring to mind. I didn't have to try hard to come up with this list.

So the Model M works for you, and it works for me too. Lucky for us, because they truly are sweet keyboards (...till you try to hook one up to a mac). But that doesn't mean they'll work just as well for everyone else.

(The same goes for pointing devices, too.)

Check out the unicomp remakes. They work on Mac.



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