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VSCO | Android Engineer | Oakland | Onsite | Visa considered | http://vsco.co/about/careers

VSCO is a leading creative platform empowering people everywhere to create, discover & connect through images and words.

As our community continues to expand rapidly, we're looking for an Android engineer (2+ years of professional working experience) to craft and execute new features on a wide range of VSCO products.

Tech stack is ndk/c++/java/opengl/tensorflow/rxjava/google protobuf for most of work related to client-side (we use Go mostly on the backend)

Interview process: initial phone chat, followed by a technical interview, followed by a half day on-site (technical interviews with emphasis on team-work)

Please apply at: http://vsco.co/about/careers/android-engineer-oakland

Contact: andie@vsco.co

I'm a platform engineer turned Android (and more platform) engineer at VSCO. I've been here roughly 8 months, and I can't say enough about the environment and culture. The Android team is remarkable in their skill, resourcefulness and dedication. They are continually pushing the limits of the platform, and serving users globally. Any questions what its like working with two teams (platform or android), shoot me an email: naveen@vsco.co

Android engineer at VSCO here. If you have any questions about what it is like to work here -- feel free to shoot me an email brendanw@vsco.co

I am one of the Android Devs here are VSCO, so feel free to reach out to me at eric.cheong@vsco.co as well!

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