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Chaldal (YC-S15) | Senior Engineers / Architects | SF, Singapore | Fulltime, Onsite preferred / Remote considered

Build out entire tech ecosystems in developing countries.

We're a US company, currently focused on Bangladesh, and we're building out the infrastructure for all digital commerce. We're already the biggest tech company in the country by far, supported by the government, with our own warehouses, logistics fleet and a 400-person ground-team, about to break through from urban to rural areas.

We believe in lean yet strong engineering.

Apply if you're extremely passionate about computer science, Haskell, F# or LISP, or if you can't find sleep because the world isn't as integrated as it can possibly be.

You'll be responsible for your own business unit, and you will be managing junior engineers. MUST NOT be afraid to get into the dirty details of the bits and MUST be able to visualize the entire system.

Email: founders [at] chaldal [dot] com

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