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Except that I'm pretty sure that's one of the top use cases for Magsafe. Imagine if you didn't have a Magsafe connector and your leg bumped it, pushing it straight up. You'd have a ruined power connector... My Dell and Sony laptops both had that happen and stopped getting a consistent connection. With the Dell, the power connector was internally soldered on to the mobo too, so the repair was not cheap at all. :(

Every other laptop I've ever had, the power connector was at the back so you could avoid hitting it with your leg. With the MBP, its on the side and it's small enough that my lap is wider than the laptop, so my leg pushes on the power connector.

Magsafe might be better than breaking a connector, but those aren't the only choices that exist. There is a far better solution, and it's really odd that Apple hasn't figured it out.

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