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> Please stop insinuating people buying a MacBook are somehow stupid b/c they're easily manipulated by shiny surfaces or brands, or simply incapable of learning a new system.

Please stop reading between the lines and making baseless accusations. This is not what I said at all. I own a Mac. And most of the reasons I mentioned apply to me as well.

I don't think he was reading between the lines at all. You flat out said that it's brand loyalty and learning curve keeping people from switching.

I said "brand loyalty," (i.e. Apple has a history of making quality products and providing great customer service) not "easily manipulated by brands" and "learning curve of alternative options" (i.e. it would take effort to learn how to move all my stuff to a different OS and get used to the hardware and OS differences, which is a large friction point) not "incapable of learning a new system." You can somehow try to read into that as if I'm saying Mac users like myself are stupid if you'd like, but that's not what I flat out said nor insinuated.

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