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I second your points. I have the Macbook 12" and even though I don't use it daily (I work from home and my dev/gaming beast PC with a 35" wide screen does the job perfectly), every time I use it at home or carry it outside, I am marvelled by that small, beautiful, and very functional laptop.

It's compact, extremely light, the keyboard is okay-ish (you get used to it), the display is the best I've ever seen anywhere on any kind of machine, and the battery longevity for casual browsing, some video/music, and coding, is out of this world. It can easily last me at least 6 hours of medium usage; if I use it sparingly (not much video for example) it can easily go to 8+ hours.

I have nothing bad to say about this laptop. The keyboard could've been slightly better but at the thinness of it, it's pretty adequate.

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