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This is of course subjective but I personally also hate the keyboard (on top of USB-C only and the loss of MagSafe). The new Trackpad sucks as well.

I have seen the Touch Bar in person and I don't hate it but it does seem like an unnecessary cost and battery drain (just like Force Touch come to think of it).

My biggest problem with the latest Macbook "Pros" is that they don't give me what I want. All I wanted is a Macbook Air with a screen that isn't 6 years old. For me the 13" Air was the perfect form factor and compromise between power and portability (eg the 12" Macbook is too much of a compromise).

And while not giving me what I want they went and made everything more expensive.

I'm sitting here typing this on an Dell XPS 15, a laptop I bought late last year when it became clear Apple wasn't going to produce what I wanted. It's reasonably nice but honestly I hate it as it's just not polished like a Mac and OSX is (I'm using Windows 10). Even simple things like forwarding videos with a two finger swipe on a Mac just works (even on VLC). On Windows it's just... horrible.

Then again I do have 32GB of RAM and a 512GB Samsung Pro 850 in it and all up I think it cost like $1400. Oh and I can play Civ6 on it.

IMHO the real cause of this backlash against the new MBPs is a combination of frustration and even a sense of betrayal. That may sound like hyperbole but people love their Macs. My 13" Air was the best laptop I ever owned and it vexes me no end that Apple (again IMHO) screwed it up.

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