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Function-keys aren't really useful for touch typing and are hard or impossible to memorize (in my experience) so I imagine the population of potential beneficiaries for the touchbar is larger than merely hunt-and-peck typists (I'm a twoish-fingered touch typist who gets 60wpm; I've tried to learn to touch-type but it slows me down for too long I always revert).

That said, I think that putting a display under the trackpad as well or instead would have a bigger payoff.

You lost 8 fingers in a terrible accident? :-)

I have trouble with the pinky finger on my right hand. I should be using it to hit the "p" but... I dunno, it just doesn't happen that way. Sorry, Mavis Beacon, I tried.

I've got a handful of function keys memorized, but I frequently miss if I'm not looking down. I'd never try to Alt-F5 on Windows without looking.

I think the function keys are much easier to touch-find on a full size keyboard because they are often in banks of 4 with a gap between them.

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