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>external displays over USB

I wouldn't wish this on anyone

USB-C still uses HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, or DVI. The communications spec is the same, it's just a different plug.

Well, USB-C is specifically specced to accommodate displays over USB.

A similar argument might be said about "displays over display-port" or "displays over VGA".

If you "wouldn't wish this on anyone", would you mind sharing why? If suppliers aren't complying with the spec, or the spec is inadequate, I would like to understand why.

The user may be talking about DisplayLink USB displays (they install a secondary driver and create a virtual video buffer to draw in before sending it across USB to a device that draws it on screen)... not USB-C DisplayPort.

DisplayLink is pretty awful. Especially on macOS, due to limitations of macOS, they are laggy, don't display certain apps correctly and more.

There are quite a few docks out there (I know Asus had one) that use DisplayLink technology to show external displays.

Indeed, I'm talking about DisplayLink.

I wish I could plug my 2 screens and the ethernet cable directly into the macbook. However, since Apple decided 2 USB-C port is enough, I'm left with a pretty crappy dock that don't even send power through the port. Hell, I can't even plug a tv screen into the laptop without a dongle (no HDMI).

This is absolutely infuriating. Don't buy this crap.

Find a dock that doesn't use DisplayLink. There are plenty of them out there that pass through the USB-C DisplayPort and have an ethernet port on them as well.

Dell sells one that is pretty good and used by a lot of my friends.

I'm running a fleet of Dell XPSs and Precision 5510s and DisplayLink is a massive PIA on them too. The problem here is DisplayLink.

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