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Is there a reason they got rid of the MagSafe? I don't own a Mac, but I always thought that was a cool feature.

Having used a MacBook 12 as my main machine for the last 3 months the main reason is that it's redundant. Most days the battery lasts the entire day so you end up plugging it into recharge overnight just like a cellphone.

So it ends up being rare that you have the laptop plugged in while you are actually working with it.

The MacBook 12 is probably the best laptop I've owned even if spec wise it was a downgrade from the MacBook Pro 13 I was previously using.

I second your points. I have the Macbook 12" and even though I don't use it daily (I work from home and my dev/gaming beast PC with a 35" wide screen does the job perfectly), every time I use it at home or carry it outside, I am marvelled by that small, beautiful, and very functional laptop.

It's compact, extremely light, the keyboard is okay-ish (you get used to it), the display is the best I've ever seen anywhere on any kind of machine, and the battery longevity for casual browsing, some video/music, and coding, is out of this world. It can easily last me at least 6 hours of medium usage; if I use it sparingly (not much video for example) it can easily go to 8+ hours.

I have nothing bad to say about this laptop. The keyboard could've been slightly better but at the thinness of it, it's pretty adequate.

Magsafe was one of my favorite features on the old laptops, but I don't really see how it would work on the new ones. They're so light that any of the force that normally would've been needed to "anchor" the computer so that a trip on the cord would disconnect it is pretty much gone. At this point, the magnet would have to be so weak that it may just be unusable. Any stronger magnet would just pull the light computer right along with it.

I'm guessing thinness - sure, the could have made 'Magsafe 4' or something but there's no way you'd fit the current connector on a MacBook.

Because USB-C is awesome.

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