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Not the above commenter but I have the new 15 and I second that. Speakers are better, trackpad is better, keyboard is (in my opinion, anyway) better, touchID is nice, and it is lighter and thinner. I don't use peripherals much at all, so the lack of legacy ports doesn't bother me. Only downsides are slightly worse battery life overall and occasional accidental activation of the emojibar.

I honestly wasn't too concerned with the touchpad issue as others. But I recently got a chance to play with one and man did I hate that keyboard.

It feels cheap and wasn't as productive on it. I played with it for 5 minutes so take this with a grain of salt

Most of the hate I see on the keyboard is from people who've only spent a few minutes on it. After a few days you get used to it and don't even think twice about it. I've regularly measured my typing speed with my old retina MBP and my new one as well as my DAS keyboard with cherry red switches, and I get about the same speed +/-5 wpm across all of them.

I'm going to rant here for a minute: IMO keyboards are a great example of "bike shedding" and the law of triviality. There are tons of options for layouts, key mechanics/switches, etc and everyone has to use a keyboard, so everyone has their preferences. At the end of the day, the only objective way to compare keyboards is by your max typing speed, but this metric is almost 100% irrelevant. When does anyone ever type at their max speed for any practical purpose? For most people, the worst a keyboard can be is mildly annoying. At best, you'll forget you're even using one. Don't even get me started on people who learn Dvorak for speed or practicality...

Besides max typing speed, there's another objective metric: noise. Loud typing is mildly annoying in the office, it's offensively annoying on a train, it's distracting in a conference.

Even if I could get used to everything about the new MBP's keyboard, buying a laptop that is noticeably louder feels like a really selfish move.

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